What do we provide?

  • Immersion and vapour degreasing in two environmentally compliant solvent degreasing machines
  • Degreasing and cleaning to a high surface cleanliness specification
  • Filtration system to 100 microns
  • Continual vacuum distillation to remove oils from degreasing machines
  • Component sizes processed from 1mm to 1500mm
  • Complex components processed including flat items, cups and internal blind threaded holes
  • Batch sizes from one to many thousands
  • Addition of corrosion inhibition after degreasing
  • Packing and weigh counting
  • ISO approvals to ISO 9001/2015 and IOSO 14001
  • Next / same day turnaround if required
  • Delivery / collection service available
  • Breakdown service for companies with their own machines
  • Free consultancy and advice
  • Tub and container cleaning if required

Next/same day turnaround plus free local delivery

Benefits of Degreasing

Benefits of Degreasing

  • Vapour Degreasing will remove a wide range oils and greases giving a dry clean surface finish
  • No subsequent washing or drying operations
  • No watermarks, stains or discolourations
  • Smaller carbon footprint than similar acqeous processes
  • Less energy consumption and waste costs than similar acqeous processes
  • Components degreased in 100% pure solvent every tie
  • No potential contamination or corrosion issues as with similar acqeous processes
  • Oils and grease removed from internals, small blind holes and threads
  • Repeatable automatic processing

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