Four good reasons why you may choose to outsource your deburring and/or degreasing processes


(1) Solvent Emmissions Directive

If you use trichloroethylene for degreasing you will be required to keep your usage to less than one ton per annum whilst using a hermetically sealed degreaser. You should not now be using Trichloroethylene in an open top degreaser with extraction even if you are using less than one ton You will need to consider the following alternatives:

  1. Process substitution using an alternative degreasing method ie acqeous
  2. Investment in a compliant hermetically sealed degreaser which could cost a minimum of £100k
  3. Sub contract to a company who have all the appropriate compliant equipment and expertise

(2) Tap into expert knowledge

When deburring a wide range of components a Pressworker may only have one or two vibro deburring units with one or two types of processing media. Components may be processed with the wrong type of media potentially resulting in quality and efficiency issues. Also the deburring unit is operated by an expert pressworker who is not an expert in vibro deburring processes. It may be a better alternative to sub it to a company who has a wide range of consumable stock and process expertise.

(3) Opportunity Cost

You may have valuable space being utilised by degreasing and/or deburring plant. If you outsource, this space could be utilised by manufacturing equipment which will earn you more money than what you will spend on sub contracting

(4) Environmental Issues

Remove the worry and concern regarding effluent, waste, emission directives etc. Leave it to your sub contractor who has all the appropriate issues covered For a free consultation as to how acting on these issues could improve your business please contact Chris Arrowsmith on01384 891198 or 07831 797465 or email

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